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At Divine Audio we pride our selves in providing great customer service, but don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers had to say. If you would like to leave feedback please click here


“London Reference cartridge arrived safely, as you would hope and expect, and I’ve managed to set it up and get it running without problem. The results are (already) quite astounding, so I am a very happy ‘Hector’.

It has been a delightful experience buying from Tim and yourself and I thank you for making everything so easy and painless.

Please pass on my thanks to Tim and I shall undoubtedly keep you at the top of my list when I am looking to upgrade in the future. Thanks again,

Kind regards,

Gordon Dunsmuir, Scotland”

“Arms arrived today and I spent the evening mounting and adjusting everything…they actually almost look like new (e.g. polished counter weights) and everything now works as it should.

Thank you very much for taking care, I appreciate the excellent service you and Allyson offer and will certainly come back!


Sven Kramer, Sweden”

“Gobsmacked! Is that the right word?

I received your notice yesterday, and this afternoon the package was waiting on my doorstep when I arrived home. I believe that’s the fastest I’ve ever received any online order, let alone one across the Atlantic.

Perhaps the ‘Divine’ in your company name reveals the participation of cherubim and seraphim in your delivery services?

I’m looking forward to installing the preamp in my system. Thanks to all for your assistance.

Regards, Bill”

“Hi Guys,

Sincere thanks for the speed that you got the two ‘Tom’ speaker stands to me (Ascot) last Friday having ordered them late Wednesday. They are beautifully made and suit the pair of Wharfedale  220’s I’ve sat on them perfectly. The top plate is just right for this size of speaker and the impact on the sound quality I’m now getting is brilliant. Sincere thanks again for such terrific service.”


“Well can I say, my order arrived the next morning, and I wasted no time i trying it out. I cleaned some of my 78’s and I am so pleased the way they sound, records that I have not played for at least 40 years.

I am like a cat with two tails.

Thank you once again for all the time you spent with me, I will singing Divine Audio’s praises for some time to come.”


“I was really impressed with both the professionalism and skill which Chris gave to setting up my new Hi-Fi/AV system. Nothing was too much trouble for him in ensuring that each component was correctly positioned, connected and properly tested. I was impressed with the attention to detail and efficiency of the whole process and was left with a system that now sounds better than it has ever been thanks to the expertise of Chris. I will certainly use them again for any future requirements and highly recommend their services to anyone.”


“I ordered some Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush Replacement Pads from you back in April.

You had a problem with the supply of these (as did other sellers) and after several months I found that another retailer suddenly had stocks available, so I cancelled the order with you and promptly received a refund.

This morning I received through the post a gift of a pack of these pads from your company with a very nice note from one of your staff.

I just wanted to say how good it was of you to do this, and please would you thank the member of staff who was so thoughtful. It is not often that one comes across such thoughtfulness in business.

You are a company that knows what real customer service is all about and you deserve every success.”



“Thank you so much and it’s nice to have great service. Will use your store again and recommend to all. “


“Thank you for supporting me even on sunday; I have printed the arc protractor, it`s more precise than the NA protractor. Now I have a perfect set up. In the meantime cartridge and croft RIAA R have broken in and the performance now is on a level I did not believe to be possible. Tonal colour, textur, soundstage, grip, details ..everything has improved very much. Thank you again for the advice to go for the zero arm, I like it very much.”


“To make it short: my Nottingham Analogue never sounded better! When I got the parts I simply put it together because a friend of mine had lent my setup tools. This Monday I got it back and set it up perfectly and fixed it. And from three in the afternoon up to eleven pm I listened to various music. Much more control and attack – it´s hard to figure out but it seems complete now – still having in mind there´s always more possible…. I am very impressed: Now even my Telarc/Kunzel 1812 works well and is full playable (what never really worked with this tonearm). That´s why I think that the arm was in a bad condition when I´ve bought it. I am very thankful for the job you´ve done for me because I have a new record player!!!”


“Hi Tim just a quick line just to say …am lovin the r4i sound…in all my hi fis ive owned ive never had one like this..it does like my mate said sound amazing! Will email u soon bout the turntable and amp…thanks well impressed with your shop. See you soon.”


“Got my Mass stands, thank you for your excellent service !”


“Thanks a lot for your prompt action. Your company’s customer service is fantastic.”


“In this country we are not renowned for excellence in customer service, but there are always exceptions and the guys at Divine Audio prove this in spades. From my first contact they were extremely helpful and were able to accommodate my every need. I give them my wholehearted recommendation. Simply superb.” 


“I just wanted to say thank you very much for sorting out my Art Vinyl order. I have just received the parcel and I am impressed by the service I’ve received from you and your company! “


“The order arrived by 8:15 this morning. I am very impressed with the service provided and wish to thank you. I will definitely use Divine Audio for the next upgrade of my system.”


“Dear Allyson, today the Milty Super exstatic disc cleaning brush has arrived as well. I would like to thank you and I want to congratulate for your seriousness and professionalism. The products arrived are excellent.”


“Hi Tim, Just e mailing to let you know that we took delivery of some speaker stands today. It didn’t take long to set them up and we’re very pleased with them.”


“You sold me a VSX just before Christmas and asked me to let you know how it worked out!
Well very well. I have used the system to judge all the entries for sound in the current BAFTA’s .
It seemed a good choice as it is a mid range consumer product but not ‘CINEMA’ as such.
I’m a chapter member in the BAFTA voting having spent 17 years as a pro sound engineer. In a perfect world I would have a bigger better system but the VSX is a good domestic solution.

Thanks for your help”


“Thank you for arranging the exchange today. I can confirm that the new item works perfectly and we are really happy with it. Thank you for >your help and all your great service.”


“Just to let you know I received the replacement rWave today. I had it up and running within a couple of minutes. Thanks again for a superb service. I will be using you for future purchases and recommending you to friends.”


“I Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for being so helpful and efficient, before i spoke to your team i had had a terrible experience with another shop, they mucked me about for so long and had the worst customer service i have ever experienced i had to cancel, i was then in a panic about getting this turntable in time for xmas and you guys were just fantastic thank you so much its going to be a great Christmas thanks to you.”


“I ordered a LP Photo frame by phone and found the assistant helpful and friendly. The item was delivered to my work address and arrived next day, well packaged and complete. An excellent service. Many thanks and Happy Christmas.


“Hi – just wanted to say that the speaker arrived safe and sound, it is up and running and sounds great So many thanks – a great service at a great price.”


“Thanks to Tim and the team for helping me procure made to order speaker stands at the best price online. Great communication and service with a sense of humour to boot. Hopefully the start of a beautiful hifi relationship for the years ahead.

Many thanks.”


“Hi Tim,
Hoping you are doing well.
Just would like to let you know that the cables are open up nicely and improvements are very good, actually fantastic compared to the cheap ones I had.
This only proves that your great service and this wonderful product matching very well together, so, one more time thank you very much and of course all guys who was involved as well.
Have a nice weekend”


“I`ve already got the parcels on Friday and spent the weekend installing, trying and listening. Everything works fine and i´m really happy. Thank you so much for everything!”


“The product has arrived. Many thanks. It’s like it was reviewed, and then my expectations were positively excelled. A very good sound, Incredible. A legend lives on.”


“Just wanted to say thanks very much for the top notch service from Divine Audio! Have bought a few things on line from different sites recently and your team outperforms the rest hands-down! Bravo and thanks again.”


“I received the above order at the weekend. I just wanted to thank you for upgrading the cable, it was very kind of you.”


“Thank you to Tim and Tom and all at Divine Audio in their hard work and unstinting customer service in helping me find the turntable to suite my ears. After auditioning different models on and off for the last two years I am now the happy owner of a Palmer TT with SME V and Grado Reference Cartridge and Quad phono stage. Nothing was too much trouble for Divine Audio visiting my house many times to bring equipment over for home auditions and setting the equipment up and building the hi fi rack I purchased from them as well. Thank you once again to all at Divine Audio”


“Thanks for the excellent customer service on Friday with regards to my ordering of my rear speakers. I received my order early Saturday morning. Brilliant service.”


“Just wanted say all received in good order, despite crappy Belgian post dragging their heals. Great packaging and excellent products.
Thanks for a great service.”


“Thanks for you e-mail. Great customer service…………….. but then that’s what we love about you guys at Divine Audio!”


“The cartridge just arrived today in beautiful condition. Thanks so much for everything. I can recomend your shop very much.
Have a wonderful week”


“Just to let you know very satisfied with your service – prompt and efficient.”


“Just a quick mail to say the Sonos system is up and running and we’re extremely pleased. Great system, people and price, ….oh and the coffee wasn’t bad either!!”


“Just to let you know the rDAC arrived this afternoon. I have not set it up but will let you know if I encounter any difficulties.
‘The Thames’ interconnects are a significant improvement (even now before burnt in) on the supplied cables with the Project TT. I listen to a fair amount of massed violin sound on orchestral symphonic discs and the sound is far less ‘squeaky’ and richer in tone. Excellent soundstage and separation too.
Well that’s it I expect for a couple of years or more. It is just a pity you cannot hear the full deal. I am not a hi-fi/sound obsessive just love to listen to good music brilliantly reproduced. Well my previous entire system was 35 years old and how times have moved on in the hi-fi world since then!
Thanks for your detailed attention and conversations over the last few months. Also thanks for praying for the generous divine interventions on my behalf. Prayers answered. A happy customer.”


“The package arrived Friday Thank you.
As well as it having a dramatic improvement on the sound of my system, I would also like to say how impressed I am with your service.
Delivery is quick, there is great communication and I will definately use you again, once again many thanks.”


“Thanks for you excellent customer service and speedy dispatch I will certainly keep you in mind for future purchases and recommendations”


“Thanks very much for the speedy delivery of my Van Den Hul interconnect cable and also my previous cable order.
Both are first class products but the first class service from Divine Audio makes them just that little bit more special.
Keep up the good work.”


“Just to let you know that the stand arrived and is now fitted to the TV
Many Thanks”


“The Nexus 7i speaker stands arrived yesterday, thanks for the fast service.”


“My apologies for not letting you know sooner, I have been meaning to let you know that the speakers arrived safely. They all look fantastic.
I have tested the speakers with my current system and all are working great. I have not yet tested the subwoofer but it looks fine.
I look forward to getting the new receiver and setting up the new system soon.
Thanks once again for all your assistance. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any prospective hifi seeking friends.


“I have received the “QED Reference Audio RCA Interconnect” today.
I would like to thank you gratefully for your reactivity and the speed of your delivery.”


“I live in Greece and this was the third time that I purchased some HiFi accessories from Divine Audio. The packages were always arrived quickly (that is in few days), and always in mint condition. It is a pleasure to buy from you. Great service.”


“Early in December I ordered through your website for delivery to Hong Kong. There was an initial snag with paying but you very quickly responded to my request for alternative payment arrangements notwithstanding that the order was finally processed through your online system. The order arrived within a week.

I have ordered a number of things from the UK in the run-up to Christmas (but before the bad weather set in) and your service has far exceeded the “big boys” both in terms of speed of feedback and speed of delivery. I shall have no hesitation in using Divine Audio again in the future – excellent job, keep up the good work.

Merry Christmas”


“just a quick note to inform you that I received the package today, and to thank you again for the great service you offer: Courtesy, professionalism and speed during the entire transaction.
Thank you and we’ll talk again”


“Thanks for all your help, the stands have arrived!!! They are setup and are fantastic.”


“I’d just like to say thanks for your very prompt service, the HDMI cable I ordered arrived quickly, and is a superb product as expected, but what was not expected was to purchase it at such an incredibly low price, the sort of bargain which occurs very, very rarely, so well done, I will be buying two more as soon as I can, as well as a few other things in the near future. Thanks for great products, prices and service.”


“My divine audio order reached me on Wednesday morning +8 hrs GMT. Awesome! 
I have never had an overseas order dispatched to me and reach me so fast! And the prices are great at your online store.
I have already recommended you to my friends.
I found all the links on your website helpful, like whom to call if we need to make an inquiry on the products or the orders. Most importantly, I would like to inform you of outstanding and professional customer service by your team member Allyson. 
I am grateful that I found your store and look forward to returning to your store for future purchases.”


“Quadspire stands arrived safe and sound today, thanks.
The Naim sounds even better…brilliant buy..great service from you all.”


“Thank you!
I have never seen such excellent and speedy service from any ecommerce website, especially international orders, except at your website! 
The prices of the items are about 10 pounds less than what I could get them from here, including postage and shipping and handling, delivered directly to my doorstep! No bus fares or taxi fares! Plus it comes with tracking.
I give you this feedback so you have some idea of how overjoyed I am. It must be the same for all your customers.”


“I have received the earplugs Goldring GX200 In-Ear Headphones and the goods are in good condition. Thanks for fast delivery.”


“I received replacement tonearm early this am and it is fine, thank you.

Thank you very much for excellent customer service, friendliness, professionalism and for showing real interest in my satisfaction. Refereshing and something I will not forget when I am looking for hifi components in future.”


“This afternoon I received your package. It’s in perfect condition.
I am very grateful for your interest in my problem.”


“Got the V-DAC I ordered from you the other day.
Rigged it up this week-end.
My God!
How is it possible to make something so good so cheap?
The sound is so impressive. All of a sudden I hear a female artist breath between the verses she sings.
Impressive – thanks!”


“Just wanted to let you know the Anti-Cables have arrived here in Australia promptly and in perfect order, thank you.
I also would like to say they are simply amazing!
After leaving them burning in for the day with an IsoTek System Enhancer Disc on repeat – tonight I am playing a few fave CDs and BOY am I impressed!
After just one day, they are sounding way better than my Nordost Valkyrja ICs. Thing is – the Valkyrjas cost almost 10 TIMES AS MUCH as the Anti-Cable ICs! I can’t imagine how good they will sound after more substantial burn-in… already they are improving hour by hour. 
I have been an Audio Engineer / Radio Producer for 24 years now, and this is certainly one of the most impressive products I have encountered. Factor in the value, and these are true ‘giant killers’!
Believe the hype!”


“I recently placed an order to 2 pairs of banana plugs which arrived in super quick time. I couldn’t find the place to leave feedback but thank you again for the speedy service. The plugs were purchased in order to bi-wire my existing speakers. Next time I am purchasing equipment I will visit you again and recommend you to others.”


“Order received and very happy with the products, great price compared to what Supra stuff costs in the Netherlands!

The Combicon’s are great!”


“The Podium Hi Fi Racks were delivered yesterday. They are now installed. My wife found them great. Although a sceptic, I must admit that the sound of my stereo system is now improving.

Thank you for the quality of your service”


“Just wanted to tell you that I got my lovely Kef on Friday. That was a lot faster than I thought. Thanks for a really smooth online shopping experience! Keep it up. Great stuff!”


“Today the sumiko blue point III arrived. Very fast shipping.”


“It has been a pleasure to shop at your store, many thanks to Tim for his care.”


“The radio arrived today. Really nice device – easy to use, good quality and it even hat a German power plug included!

Best regards and thank you for the fast shippment”


“Just to say thank you – great service and a VERY GOOD cable – worth the money!!”


“Yesterday the new DAC is arrived! Thank you very much for your tech support, I will suggest Divine Audio to all my friends.”


“Thanks for the heads-up Lauren. Just took delivery of these cables, everething seems OK, as expected. Thanks to you & Chris for the smooth transaction.”


“Arrived today, thanks very much. Less than 2 weeks since I ordered them, great service.”


“I cannot recommend Divine Audio highly enough. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Both Tim & Tom spent a considerable amount of time helping me get everything in place before the point of no return, the plastering! Tim even lent me his own tools late one evening so I could get the cables sunk into the wall before the plastering commenced. When the room was finished Tom spent plenty of time setting up my system and making sure everything worked ok. He even came back months later as I changed the colour of the walls and couldn’t get the speakers back on the wall! As you can see, they really did go beyond what I would consider excellent customer service and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Thanks Guys!”


“Thanks very much. If only we could get this great level of service in Australia!”


“Received it yesterday. Many thanks for the great service.”


We repaired and upgraded the customers NAD T765 AV Amplifier.

“Thank you for sending me the most wonderful dac!!!

Suddenly my computer sounds like a dream”


“I received the cables and also the VAT chargeback.

Very good service, as it was for my last order.”


“Just to let you you know I have received and tested the converter and everything is fine. Feedback given on eBay.

Thanks again for your outstanding service.”


“Thanks for a fast and smoth delivery to Sweden! I’m very pleased with the product and the service. I can really recommend you to everyone in Sweden thinking about importing somthing.

Jag kan starkt rekomendera att handla från Divine Audio. Tog ca en vecka att få hem produkten till dörren.”


“The new V-Dac arrived today! Thanks again for your help and for this uncomplicated procedure. Great service!!!”


“I would just like to inform you that V-DAC arrived on Saturday and it sounds fantastic.

Thank you for your great customer service and a super fast delivery.
I will be happy to recommend your store to my friends here in Slovenia.”


“Stands arrived, perfect!! thanks for the perfect service!”


“Had forgotten how good they are – thank you!”


We replaced the tweeter and drivers on this customers KEF Reference 203/2 Loudspeakers

“Wow, I can’t believe it, after placing my order with you only yesterday afternoon, the postman delivered it half an hour ago! This is exceptional service, and many other companies could take a lesson from your method of doing business – including the e-mails that kept me advised of order progress. AND you charged less than any other company I looked at online.
Congratulations on such excellent service and thank you again.”

A. W.

“Many thanks for your help and service.”


“Received all intact and are now resting underneath the speaker spikes. Speakers now level and sound has improved. Thanks”


“I would like to thank Tim for all of his assistance and recent visit to our house and future visits. We are delighted with the new T.V. and are really looking forward to the new hi-fi system etc.”

D. J. A.

“Tim, Just dropping you a line to say a very big thank you for all of the help you have provided over the last few weeks. Even though the journey is as yet incomplete.

I’ve been on the front line of retailing now for over 22 years and currently have 62 outlets, so I know a little about customer service. In all this time, I must admit that I’ve never received such a warm, friendly and genuinely helpful reception as from yourself & Tom. You obviously have a genuine interest in the customer’s needs and the ethos of the service you present is heart warming.

In a nutshell, you’ve won a lifetime customer.”


“The proacs sound amazing ..and thank you for all your time and advice.”


“Thanks Allyson it arrived on Friday. Very prompt so thanks for getting it out so quickly.”


“Thank you so much! I just jave to say that you guys and gals at Divine Audio have given me exceptional custumer care, and I appreciate it.”


“To date I’ve Purchased
Atlas MK1
Atlas MK2
SupraPly 3.4S
All ideas arrived well packed, and fast delivery. Everyone on Divine Staff were most helpful with my enquires and purchase choice”


“I received my cables and other stuff this morning, all in good order. I have already plugged in the cables, to burn them in. Hopefully they will sound great when burnt in. Many thanks and i will definitely shop with  you guys again.”


“Thanks for fast delivery.

Best regards from Germany”


“Many thanks from an extremely satisfied customer.”


“Thanks – it all arrived safely on Friday and have been playing well over the weekend.
Appreciate you packing method by the way – weather proof and all :-)”


“Just to thank you for the swift despatch of the V-Dac and V-Can which  
arrived this morning and are sounding very good.”


“The cables are very well made. I can’t wait to listen to them.

Thanks to you and the others at Divine Audio”


“Firstly many thanks for the great service given by Divine Audio and the sound provided by yourself.

The Heed turned up in great order, well packed, quickly delivered and couldn’t have been an easier bit of kit to set up and go.”


“Received my order MF CAN & DAC! In perfect condition ! No problems with Swiss customs ! Within 1 week – door to door, fantastic !”


“Received my speaker cable this morning. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. I hope to be able to use you again.”


“I received the items, I would like to express my sincere compliments to you for the great packing and for the very quick shipment. You are a great and serious Hi-Fi sellers, in my humble


“I found the staff and the service exceptional and would highly recommend them.”


“Hi Tim, first – thanks for dropping off the amplifiers on Sunday morning. I am very pleased, they will not be sent back to you – no surprise there I bet. Till next time..”


“Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that all is well with the PMC OB1’s. Now I have had a chance to really live with them for a while, I’m absolutely delighted with the sound. I’d also like to say a big thank you for your excellent service. I’ve dealt with a few hi-fi shops over the years, but yours is a country mile ahead of the rest!”


“Received the cables, thanks very much for your help. Will be in touch in the future when I get round to the living room. Thanks also for taking an interest in helping me decide on equipment. It’s a very rare thing these days. It certainly makes me want to come back to you again in the future.”


“Your quality of work is exceptional. The cinema screen is perfect, and the sound quality is better than anything else that we have heard. Thankyou.”


“All linked up and the gain was immediate. You can keep your cheque book safe! Thanks for your help – no doubt I’ll be back.”


“Many thanks for an excellent dem yesterday and your patience in humping all those speakers upstairs!!? The PMC’s were definately the right choice.”


“Superb service, the speakers look beautiful and sound terrific. Have a great New Year.”


“Happy New Year to you. Your parcel arrived in good time for Christmas. Thanks for the good service!”


“Thankyou for your help and service. The PMC OB1’s are awesome”


“Delighted with the new ProAc speakers and you were right – they sound good from the start – so I believe they will only get better. Thanks for your good and prompt service.”


“10 out of 10 for customer satisfaction.”


“Again, many thanks and maybe we can discuss upgrades elesewhere in the system in the future.”


“Tim, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great service you offered. It is so refreshing to actually get help and personal service in this world of mass market outlets. I’ll be back”


“The Arcam Solo and Focal speakers are bloody marvellous!”


“Many thanks again for your superb service and all of your help.”


“Sat tonight and listened to the Performance Channel – Beethoven was really good! Couldn’t believe the difference in the sound quality from the TV. Took the old Technics to the tip, patted it gently as I threw it over the side and turned my back on it!”


“Thank’s a lot for your great support and responsiveness. It is a pleasure to do business with you.”


“Just a note to thank you for the demo on Saturday, I was impressed with your service. Your demo room is definitely better than most, and the Unison Research Secondo is awesome.”


“Bracket arrived today, will be on the wall by this evening.  Thanks very much again.”


“Many thanks for the personal reply. I really appreciate the exceptional service.”


“Many many thanks for all your help and time and congratulations to yourself in providing me with the best most comfortable inspiring hifi demonstration i have ever had.
I will be in touch as to my course of action after I have tip toed the mind field of my girlfriend carefully and acquired enough brownie points in order to purchase.”


“I just want to confirm you that Atlas adapters shipment has just been delivered to me. Shipment has been really fast and everything has arrived in perfect condition. Adapters themselves work really great for my need with a very good sounding result. I have been finally able to fix the very annoying compatibility problem between my speaker cables and amp binding posts.
I want to finally thank you very much for the great and very appreciated support and for the quick service provided. My compliments!”


“Thank you for your reply. Looking forward to receiving the items! Can’t wait to ‘burn in’ the Jubilee on my Thorens TD 850 – 300! You may definitely consider me a satisfied and thankful customer; doing business with you is a peasure!”


“Delivery is done, speaker stands are great, thanx Divine Audio”


“I have to say, you guys ROCK SUPREME!! Your responce and help has been a breath of fresh air, and will HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GUYS!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!”


“Just a note,to thank you for your assistance in helping me select the KEF home cinema system. What a fantastic system it is. Also, and I really can’t thank you enough for this, your professional support and installation service. Absolutely second to none, both from yourself and Tom. I really never have had such great service for a long long time. I look forward to a great winter with my new acquisition.”


“Cables arrived today! more than prompt service, wonderful stuff! keep sending such good cables and we’ll keep sending good football players!” 
P.M. (Madrid)

“I would just like to thank you and let you know I received the spekears today, I am pleasantly surprised at how fast they arrived and they are in perfect condition. Thank you again for your kind and fast service.”


“My order was delivered today as notified. Speakers sound great. I’m very pleased with the whole transaction. I’ll certainly recommend you and certainly buy again from you. Many Thanks!”