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Wooden Bull leather and cork turntable mat


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Wooden Bull handmade leather and gel infused cork record player turntable mat. 

Wooden Bull use only the finest quality cow-hide leather and gel infused cork to produce their superior, handmade turntable mats. This product is compatible with all good-quality turntables but works particularly well on those with aluminium platters. Affixing the leather to the cork serves two purposes. Firstly, to remove the air pockets that can cause pops and clicks during playback. Secondly, the mat is completely flattened, creating a surface that holds your vinyl records firmly in place, improving drive through the stylus. Gel infused cork provides optimum vibration damping for the best sound quality possible.  

Key features:

  • Improved grip on vinyl records, resulting in improved sound quality. 
  • Compatible with all good-quality turntables. 
  • Soft leather surface helps protect your records. 
  • Handmade with top quality materials. 

Dimensions: 288mm X 3mm (7mm spindle hole)