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Winyl Pro Clean 6, Concentrated Record Cleaner


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Specialist concentrated vinyl record cleaner with two syringe applicators.

Winyl Pro Clean 6 is a concentrated, alcohol-free vinyl cleaner, developed by record collectors, for record collectors. This product effectively removes a wide range of dirt and debris from your discs without damaging vinyl surfaces, increasing bass response and improving soundstage clarity from LP playback. Winyl Pro Clean 6 is compatible with most record cleaning systems, (including vacuum cleaning machines, Knosti types, manual machines and ultrasonic cleaners.) 

Key Features:

  • One small bottle of concentrate cleans hundreds of records (when diluted with 6L of distilled water.) 
  • Suitable for all vinyl records, including 78’s.
  • Alcohol free, with no aggressive chemicals or brighteners.
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Volume:  6 litres when diluted

Additional information:  Sold with a pair of syringes, for accurate measurement when making up batches.