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Winyl One Touch Polymer Stylus Cleaner


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One-Touch Polymer – Polymer Stylus Cleaner
One-Touch contains a state-of-the-art solid polyurethane (PU) polymer, specially designed to provide exceptional cleaning for phonograph needles.
The polymer is soft, very elastic and with a great capacity of adhesion to eliminate the dust and the microscopic dirt adhered to the needle that causes distortion in the sound. The polymer composition has been developed to ensure that it leaves no residue on the needle thanks to its dry cleaning system.
One-Touch Polymer is safe and easy to use. Place the headshell on top of the polymer and slowly lower it until the tip of the needle is inserted into the polymer, lift the needle and the dirt will stick to the polymer surface, leaving the needle clean.
One-Touch Polymer is washable and reusable. If the polymer surface is very dirty after many uses, simply rinse it with water while gently rubbing the surface with a finger. Drain it and let it dry. The polymer will recover its properties to be used again. Keeping One-Touch in good condition you can use it for a long time with the same effectiveness as the first day.
Winyl provides a 3 year warranty for this product if it is stored and used correctly. The Warranty does not cover possible damage to the needle or other elements caused by improper use.
Winyl One-Touch is supplied with instructions for use in 4 languages.