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Winyl Gel Cleaner for Vinyl Records


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Specialist cleaner for vinyl records. Sold with two syringe applicators. 

Winyl gel is a specialist cleaner for vinyl, developed by record collectors for record collectors. Debris trapped in the grooves of your records can cause annoying clicks and pops during playback. Apply this gel to penetrate the grooves, creating a film that attaches to stubborn, ingrained dirt and dust. Allow to dry, then peel away, lifting off dirt and debris. This product also improves sound quality by removing the static electricity that builds up on you disks. 

Winyl gel cleaner has been tested and certified as safe for daily use and will not damage the surface of your records. 

Key features:

  • Safe to use again and again on the same record. 
  • Removes static electricity. 
  • Powerful cleaning action, without damaging vinyl. 
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky residue. 

Volume:  500ml – enough to clean 16 LP’s

Additional information:  Sold with a pair of syringes, for easy measuring and targeted application.