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Supra XL Annorum Loudspeaker Cables


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The Supra XL Annorum was developed with the help from Mats Andersen of QLN Loudspeakers fame. The design is a quad shaped lead configuration, where each lead comprises a plastic core around which 12 strands of 5N oxygen-free copper are spun in a tight pitch. This minimises skin-effect and inductance efficiently and by choosing sonically benign polypropylene as an insulation the stability of the cable will remain at the highest possible level year after year.

Divine Audio build’s high end speaker cable using the best parts available from Supra, Neotech, Furutech, Cardas and CMC. Our cables are hand built in the UK. We are upfront and honest about what goes into our products and believe we are offering the best value in cables available today.

Any configuration and length is available. There are too many options to offer online so please contact me to go over your requirements and get a price. I have demo cables available to try out and I encourage you to test them in your own system.


  • Cross section area: 2×1.6mm/15 AWG
  • Number of conductors: 4
  • Number of strands per conductor: 12
  • Strand diameter: 0.4mm
  • Conductor material: Bright drawn oxygen free 5N copper
  • Conductor insulation and core: Polypropylene
  • Jacket: Heat and age resistant PVC
  • External size: 10mm
  • Weight: 130g/m
  • Resistance: Under review
  • Inductance: Under review