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Supra XL Annorum Speaker Cable Per Metre


Supplied as a continuous length.

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Supra XL Annorum is a speaker cable released as part of Supra Cables 40th Anniversary. The name derives from playing with latin numbers and language where XL means -10+50=40 and Annorum is a bent form of Anno, latin for year, hence 40 Years.

Supra take great pleasure in the fact that this cable is developed together with renowned Swedish speaker designer famous for QLN speakers among others. The intended use for the cable was as a conductor lead for the internal wiring of drivers and cross-over filter. During the progress Supra noticed such good performance that the idea of having the conductors forming a complete speaker cable came to life.

The design is a 4 x 1.6 mm2 square shaped lead configuration, where each lead comprises a plastic core around which 12 strands 5N Oxygen-free Copper are spun in a tight pitch. This minimizes skin-effect and inductance efficiently and by choosing the sonically benign PP as di-electric (insulation) the sonical stability by preventing corrosion and material fatigue, will remain at highest possible level year after year.

The specification and performance fits right in between Supra Quadrax and Sword edition.