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Supra Quadrax Speaker Cable Per Metre


Supplied as a continuous length.

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A PP insulated tin plated quad coax construction. The tin contributes to a better sound quality by minimising the skin-effect and making less current jumps between the wire surfaces. SUPRA Quadrax is made with short pitch twisting for low inductance and low radiation.

The tube conductor design increases the relative surfase area which helps lower the inductance. Star Quad configuration reduces RF pickup and increases immunity to all kinds of interference. It also lowers the inductance. The special PolyPropylene (PP) insulation is extremely stable and has low capacitance. It is also environmentally friendly. Quadrax has a very low inductance of 0.3 uH/m.

One of Supra Cables very best loudspeaker cables.


  • Tube conductors of tin plated Copper braid on PP-core 
  • Highest quality tin plated Oxygen free Copper 
  • Insulation & core of ultra-stable PolyPropylene 
  • 4 conductors for Star Quad design and low inductance