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Supra Ply 3.4 Speaker Cable Per Metre


Supplied as a continuous length.

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Cables with copper or silver stranded conductors suffer from complex oxidation. The semiconductive ’diodes’ between the strands aren’t seen by steady tests, but look like a high capacitance to music signals. This causes energy storage/release cycles, that regular tests miss, yet which is audible with music. This problem is also describable as the electron flow being ’trapped’ inside strands & twisting away from the direct route.

Supra Ply is a largesection, low resistance cable, overcoming skin effect & transient distortion, using pure tin plating. Tin melds to copper with-out any diodic barrier, & also protects the copper from common corrosions – ideal for outdoors & 12 volt.

Supra Ply 3.4 Per M Specifications:

  • Conductors: 2x192x0.15 OFC, Sn
  • Insulation: Chloride Ion-Stabilised PVC
  • Area: 2×3.4 12AWG
  • External Diameter: 7x7mm
  • Colour: Ice Blue or White
  • Weight (g/m): 104
  • Resistance (ohms/km): 5.1
  • Inductance (uH/m): 0.20