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Supra LoRad multi-way mains distribution block




Supra LoRad multi-way mains distribution blocks feature an all aluminium shielded chassis upon the top of which are inset numerous mains sockets. Two versions are offered: the first has no filtering at all and the second includes non-intrusive filtering which works in parallel to the incoming mains supply and should have little if any effect on the sound quality. The surge protected versions of the block feature the Tommy Jenving designed 3-way surge protection system as well as non-intrusive filtering ensuring maximum reduction in spurious mains interference.

Mains input is by way of a 3 pin IEC chassis mount connector. No input cable is supplied with these units.

The blocks are manufactured in house in the Supra factory in Sweden. We can therefore entertain special orders such as alternative outlets (Australian, Belgian, Swiss, US) etc. as well as specific internal wiring arrangements. Please call or email for further details.