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Supra EFF-IXLR Interconnect Cable


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A reinforcement of even the finest details is the goal of all cable design. A traditional cable can not achieve that quality due to the construction. A good interconnect must have low capacitance and low skin-effect.

The skin-effect has a dynamic and noticeable influence because an audio signal is nothing but variations of frequencies and sound levels. If we were to transfer only one stable frequency the skin-effect would not be any problem. The frequencies push the signal differently far out from the centre of the conductor. High frequencies travel on the surface whereas low frequencies travel inside the conductor.

Thus, the higher the frequency, the higher the resistance. 

In order to minimise the skin-effect the EFF-I is designed in accordance with Equalised Frequency Flow (EFF) Technique. It is based on tube shaped conductors with a wall thickness of 0.20mm, which is well below the smallest skin depth within the Audio range. This allows the same resistance for all frequencies. The result is a transparent and exact reinforcement with clear room definition.