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Supra Classic 2.5HT Speaker Cable Per Metre


Supplied as a continuous length.

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The Supra Classic Series is highly flexible cables of multi-stranded tin-plated Oxygen Free Copper of purity degree 5N, or 99.9999%, i.e. larger than five nines. The insulation of ion-stable PVC grants minimised degradation with time. The Supra Classic Series covers all Hi-Fi and Home Theatre (or Audio Visual) applications from low power speakers, such as rear speakers of home theatre systems, to high power systems with long cables runs. Includes 2 x 2.5 sq. mm Tin-plated OFC.

The Classic 2.5HT uses Hallogen Free Insulation making it flame-proof and highly suitable for multi-room installation.

Low resistance means this is perfect for installations and in-wall use, especially over long distances.

Cable is unterminated. Please select the length you require by altering the quantity above.

Supra Classic 2.5HT Speaker Cable Specifications

  • Cross Sec. Area: 2.5mm / 13 AWG
  • No. Conductors: 2
  • No. Wires: 320
  • Wire Di. (mm): 0.10
  • Wire Material: Tin Plated OFC
  • Insulation: Halogen Free/Flame ret.
  • External Size (mm): 3.6 x 7.3
  • Weight (g/m): 65
  • R (Ω/km): 6.8
  • L (mH/m): 0.45