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Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III Integrated Amplifier

One only at this price!


Yet again, Rogue Audio have out-done themselves in the Cronus lineage with their latest effort – the Cronus Magnum III. Now, with an upgraded line-stage, MM/MC phono-stage with adjustable loading, RH5-derived headphone amp and an ultra-linear/triode switch, the latest Cronus is unmatched in its price/performance ratio.

For vinyl enthusiasts the phono-section has been completely redesigned, and it now accommodates MC cartridges in additional to MM. Two gain settings provide for 45dB and 60dB of gain for MM and MC respectively. To top it off, there are 5 loading values to which the phono-section can be fine-tuned to optimise the performance of your cartridge.

A triode/ultra-linear switch allows for on-the-fly comparison. Ultra-linear delivers more power with a more commanding grip on bass, while triode provides slightly softer, more ‘romantic’ sonics. You choose which works best in your set-up – maybe both!

A completely new headphone circuit is based around MOSFET buffers capable of massive current sourcing. The design is basically a simplified, single-ended version of the RH-5 headphone amplifier, and is powerful enough to drive even the most demanding of headphones for clean, crisp personal audio.

The linestage circuitry has also been improved, further lowering the low noise-floor for complete blackness of soundstage background. Finally, a machined-aluminum remote completes the upgrade to the Cronus Magnum II, an amp that has unquestionably left its mark in the high-end audio universe.


  • MM/MC phonostage
  • RH5-derived headphone amp
  • Ultra-linear/triode switchable
  • Upgraded linestage circuitry from CM II
  • Massive high-storage linear PSU
  • 4 and 8 ohm transformer taps
  • Gold-plated RCA jacks & binding posts
  • Buffered, variable output (great for subs or bi-amping)
  • Non-captive IEC power cable (upgradable)
  • Slow-start turn-on sequence
  • Built-in bias meter
  • Fully tested, burned in, and auditioned at Rogue
  • Available in Natural Silver
  • Machined aluminium remote control
  • All precision components, build entirely in the USA
  • 5 year limited warranty (6 months on valves)