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Nottingham Analogue Studio Wave Mechanic Power Supply



The Wave Mechanic power supply provides a clean waveform, stable in voltage and frequency even when run off voltages are well below the permissible level. The output voltage is pre-set internally to be in the optimum range and there is a single control on the front panel to allow minor adjustment of the frequency for pitch control. 

For turntable speed reference the zapper hand-held battery-operated strobe illuminator is ideal. This is available in 50Hz and 60Hz versions, either with the power supply or separately for more general use.

The audible benefits of the Wave Mechanic are very clear. Detail, dynamics and sound stage are all much improved, but perhaps the most evident feature is the way that the whole pace and rhythm of the music sound natural and true. Pitch stability is impeccable, giving complete confidence and much deeper involvement in the musical performance.

The benefits should not be expected to replace those from upgrading the turntable, but rather to complement them. All of the Nottingham Analogue turntables will benefit, whether your current one or your next upgraded one.



  • Supply voltage/frequency:  230V/50Hz
  • Power consumption:  6.5W
  • Fuse:  Ceramic HRC 5mm x 20mm T250mA (230V)
  • Output frequency:  50Hz with control in centre position
  • Case Dimensions:  (H x W x D) 65 x 105 x 285mm
  • Weight:  5.6 lbs.