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Nessie Vinylmaster Record Cleaning Machine



The Nessie Vinylmaster is the ultimate record cleaning machine. Quiet, efficient and automated.


Integrated cleaning solution tank

The record cleaning solution is filled from above with the help of the Nessie funnel. The tank will hold enough solution to clean approximately 100 LPs. The tank is made of PVC with a stainless steel cover.

Accurate cleaner dosage

The machine ensures that an appropriate quantity of record-cleaning fluid is applied to the record. There is no risk of applying too much or too little fluid. You can also apply more with the push of a button should the need arise.

Dynamic twin brush cleaning

The extremely soft nylon hairs of the two brushes have a diameter of 0.0075 mm and enter the upper part of the record groove without any problems. During the rotation of the turntable, thousands of superfine brush hairs run through the record grooves and loosen all dirt down. The dirt particles are absorbed by the cleaning solution and are extracted.

The record is cleaned over the entire grooved area by the Nessie twin brush system. This is important because it ensures that the lead-in and lead-out grooves are clean as well.

Intensive cleaning programme

Occasionally it may be necessary to clean a record very thoroughly. The intensive cleaning programme of Nessie Vinylmaster provides a cleaning cycle of 20 minutes for this task. During the intensive cycle, liquid is automatically reapplied as required.

Ergonomic record clamp with label protection

An aluminium record clamp is used to fix the record during the cleaning process. The clamp is ergonomic in design and is fitted with a rubber ring to ensure a firm grip and a seal at the bottom to stop liquid from damaging the label.


When moving the drying arm over the record, extraction starts automatically. The spinning speed of the turntable is automatically reduced and the extraction power adjusted accordingly. A smooth velvet cushion protects the record surface during the extraction process. The vacuum pump is automatically turned off after the direction of rotation has been changed once. The drying process is optimally controlled and cannot be influenced by the user.

Nessie will not upset your neighbours because the extraction system is very quiet and damped with acoustic foam.

One Touch

You will hardly believe it but the machine can be operated with a single push-button. Sensors in the brush and extraction arms provide for automatic control. This makes the operation of the appliance very easy.


Cleaning time was determined after several thousand cleaning cycles. The Nessie cleaning timer ensures perfect cleaning while preventing your records from wear and tear.

Warped Records

No record is perfectly flat. The two brush elements of the Nessie twin brush are suspended individually. They adjust to warps up to 2 mm in height.