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Nessie Vinylcleaner Record Cleaning Machine



The Nessie Vinylcleaner is the new record cleaning machine from Draabe Technologies. Cleaning solution is applied manually with the vacuuming still automatic.

Compared to its rivals on the market, the Nessie Vinylcleaner has the following advantages:

  • Crafted from high-grade deep black acrylic
  • Chrome plated feet with felt gliders
  • Low-noise-extraction turbine
  • Automatic extraction cycle
  • Integrated waste water tank
  • Antistatic mat included
  • Grounded centre pin made from stainless steel
  • Chrome plated switch button
  • Chrome plated Puck with seal (100% label protection)
  • Manufactured by hand in Hamburg
  • Dust-cover, SingleSet and 10-inch suction arm available.
  • Protection against electrostatic