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London Jubilee Cartridge


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How and why is this cartridge different from, and possibly superior to all the others? Is it a “moving coil” or a “moving magnet” design? Neither! Only a lighter, thinner, shorter, magnetically active metal foil bearing the stylus comprises the entire moving system. This results in lower moving mass than either moving coil or moving magnet models.

The London cartridges may be the only ones which have no cantilever, at least in the conventional sense. This appears to be the underpinning of their stunning success.

Other cartridges (both moving coil and moving magnet) have styli mounted on the long end of a thin tube (cantilever) which works like a lopsided see-saw. The short end of the cantilever attaches to either a coil of wire or a magnet. At the fulcrum point, a flexible rubbery sleeve functions as a pivot, allowing the stylus/cantilever assembly to respond to the wiggles in the LP groove.

Because the front section of the cantilever, which holds the stylus, is much longer than the rear section that is attached to the coil or magnet, a large movement of the stylus is transformed to a smaller movement at the coil or magnet, possibly causing cantilever-design cartridges to sound dynamically compressed and lacking in transient attack. Londons engineers advise that this problem with dynamics and transients is compounded by the cantilever’s rubbery fulcrum point which tends to absorb a significant amount of the stylus-generated motion before it can reach the coil/magnet electrical generator assembly. Also, a smearing of the sound is said to occur, which many folks refer to as cantilever haze.

The Jubilee has no long cantilever and no rubbery fulcrum point to absorb, dissipate and smear the vital musical energy. Instead, the stylus is attached directly to a magnetically active metal armature just a few microns thick which passes through the centre of the main generating coil positioned about 1 millimetre above the stylus. The stylus motion is not inverted or transformed to a smaller value, as in long cantilever designs. Flowing from this immediate positive-direct scanning of the groove is a breathtaking, lifelike quality. The listener tends to feel that the performing artists are actually in the same room, with a startling, palpable presence.

From the beginning, music lovers have lauded the unparalleled vividness of the London which were first introduced over 25 years ago. However, earlier models were criticised, at times, for such reasons as their unusually high vertical tracking force, a tendency to mistrack, and the need for damped tone arms. The new London Jubilee has retained and enhanced the legendary musical realism of its predecessors but also achieves world-class tracking ability at only 1.8 grams (VTF). A damped tonearm is not necessarily required, and unlike most high-quality moving-coil designs, the electrical output level of the London Jubilee is among the highest at 5mV.

The London Jubilee is individually hand crafted, using coils wound of oxygen-free copper conductors and high flux samarium cobalt magnets. Its cartridge body is machined by computer from a solid block of aluminium, and shaped to hold the motor assembly and the polished, natural grain-oriented, line-contact diamond stylus with absolute precision. This acoustically inert cartridge body contributes to the Jubilee’s low-coloration music reproduction.

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  • Stylus: extended line-contact
  • Frequency range: 20Hz to 40kHz
  • Output: 5mV
  • VTF: 1.8g
  • Weight: 6.7g
  • Output impedance: 2k ohms
  • Dynamic compliance: 15×10-6cm/Dyne
  • Channel separation @ 1kHz: >25dB
  • Load impedance: 47k ohms

Eventually every cartridge will become unusable, be it the tip has worn out, a component breaks internally or the arm snaps. In these situations a cartridge would need to be replaced or overhauled.

We can completely rebuild the cartridge and fully test it to ensure it is in full working order before we send it back to you. Please contact the store for further advice.