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Katta 12″ LP Anti-Static Inner Record Sleeves, 50 qty



Pack of 50 semi-opaque sleeves. 

If you worry about preserving your precious recordings, these protective inner record sleeves for 12” LPs are a godsend. 

Copied from the Nagaoka brand, you may find this type of protective sleeve referred to as a ‘Nagaoka sleeve,’ ‘Japanese style sleeve’ or ‘D sleeve.’ Produced at the same factory, using the same high-quality materials, our product is cheaper yet just as effective as the leading brand. 

Sleeves are made from specialist, semi-opaque plastic, that helps to prevent static build up, and are designed to protect the record inside the original paper sleeve, guarding against scratches and contamination from dirt or liquids (common problems with paper sleeves.) 

Sleeves are ultra-thin but tear resistant, making them durable and reusable. 

Each sleeve is lightweight and designed to fit easily into the original paper inlay of your records. 

Key information: 

  • Designed for use with 12″ LP’s (307mm X 309mm) 
  • Fits around existing record inner before being easily inserted into the existing record jacket
  • Anti-Static
  • Semi-opaque plastic, to easily identify your records
  • 50 sleeves per pack
  • Made in Japan