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Jelco TK-850M 10″ Static-Balance Tonearm with removable headshell

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This newly developed S-shaped tonearm is a sophisticated performer, simple to set up and beautifully built. The statically balanced TK-850 features an extremely low-friction, precision-crafted knife edge bearing together with a detachable headshell. Finished in black and silver with polished alloy arm tube.

In most parts of the world detachable headshell arms are considered to be very good, this one certainly is. You could install a £3,000 cartridge on it without any problems or for the die-hard enthusiast have a different cartridge on a selection of headshells.

Supplied without a tonearm cable. All other fitting accessories and templates are included. Designed and manufactured in Japan.

S-shaped 10” tonearm – statically balanced – knife edge
Effective length  256mm
Pivot to spindle  240mm
Overhang  16mm
Offset angle  21.33
Tracking error angle  +1.44/-0.58
Horizontal sensitivity  30mg
Vertical sensitivity  30mg
Cart weight & Headshell  17-35gr
Effective mass  13.4g
Height adjustment   38-60mm
Internal wiring  Jelco with DIN coupling

We stock the Ammonite Audio 10mm spacer ring and the improved mounting collar in the new Jelco silver or original Jelco black to match this tonearm.