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Isonoe isolation feet


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Isonoe isolation feet for record turntables, CD players and other audio equipment. Set of four. 

Isonoe isolation feet were designed to absorb vibration from unstable surfaces and large sound systems, eliminating feedback and skipping, thus improving overall sound quality. Machined with remarkable precision by specialist UK engineers using multi-axis CNC equipment, this product has been tested by an independent research study – and it works!

Each isolator has a 6mm thread, making the system compatible as a retrofit with many industry-standard turntables and CD players.

Available in black or silver.

Key features:

  • Increase sound quality.
  • Help your audio equipment work better and last longer.
  • Made in the UK, using highly specialist equipment.
  • Compatible with most industry-standard turntables and CD players. 
  • Two colours available: black and silver. 

Dimensions:  Thread size – 6mm.

Additional information:  For best results, use with Isonoe sorbothane insulation boots (sold separately.)