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Isonoe isolation feet repair and conversion kit


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Isonoe repair and conversion kit for record turntable and CD player isolation feet. 

This comprehensive repair kit for Isonoe isolation feet includes all parts needed to refurbish a MK2 set (or upgrade a MK1 set to a later specification.)

Isonoe isolation feet were designed to absorb vibration from unstable surfaces and large sound systems, eliminating feedback and skipping, thus improving overall sound quality. Machined with remarkable precision by specialist UK engineers using multi-axis CNC equipment, this product has been tested by an independent research study – and it works!

Standard Model

Supports Turntables up to 11Kg in total (2.75kg per foot.)

Heavy Duty Model

Supports Turntables up to 25kg in total (6.25kg per foot.)

Key features:

  • Everything you need to maintain your Isonoe isolation feet, in one place.  
  • Dual purpose product: repairs and / or converts.
  • Made in the UK, using highly specialist equipment. 
  • Standard and heavy-duty models available.