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Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Communicator MM Phono Stage


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It may look cheap and plain but this little phono preamp is legendary for its audio performance.

The Gram Amp 2 Communicator phono preamp is the phono preamp that first made the Graham Slee name synonymous with superior vinyl reproduction and incredible sound staging.


  • Input range:  2mV to 10 mV
  • Output:  168 to 841 mV for input range above
  • Maximum input level:  58mV
  • Input impedance resistive:  47k Ohms
  • Input impedance capacitive:  220pF
  • Output noise:  (‘A’ weighted) -75dB
  • Reproduction characteristic:  RIAA within 0.5dB
  • Output Slew Rate:  7.5V/µS
  • Gain Bandwidth:  2.25MHz
  • Gain Margin:  19dB
  • Phase Margin:  78 degrees
  • Total Harmonic Distortion plus noise:  <0.02%
  • Channel balance:  0.1dB
  • Channel separation:  64dB
  • Size:  115w x 85d x 45h mm