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Croft Acoustics RIAA RS MM Phono Stage



We believe Croft Acoustics products to be the most understated, best value for money amplification on the audio market. Glenn Croft has over 35 years of experience refining truly innovative valve circuits. All products are hand built in the UK with meticulous point to point wiring backed up with a 2 year warranty, 6 months on the valves/tubes.

This Two Box Regulated Moving Magnet phono stage is simply brilliant giving a clean, lively and musical sound from a really meaty outboard power supply, further regulation and the best components available.

We are happy to deal with overseas enquiries and to ship internationally to Countries without dealer support.


  • Input impedance 47k ohms.
  • Output impedance 500 ohms.
  • Sensitivity 2mV for 0.5V output @ 1kHz.
  • Valve complement 1 x 12BH7A, 4 x ECC83, 2 x 85A2.