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Cardas Clear Cygnus Tonearm Cable



The Clear Cygnus tonearm cable features the finest Cardas Copper in Matched Propagation Conductors, arranged in a star-quad geometry. A re-design & improvement over Clear Light Interconnect, Cygnus offers the traditional Cardas warmth & musicality along with the accuracy & spectacular imaging for which the Clear line is known.

Golden Section Stranding

Cardas conductors are constructed of multiple strands of ultra-pure copper wire, each with its own enamel coating (making it Litz wire). The copper wire is in various sizes (AWG), with the strands at the centre of the conductor being the smallest, and strands on subsequent layers going up in size in a Golden Ratio progression (1:1.618).

Crossfield Conductors:

Ordinary Cables are dipole antennas, both radiating and absorbing RFI/EMI, which sustains system resonance. Cardas cable design incorporates Crossfield Construction in its manufacture, which reverses every other stranding layer to defuse the dipole effect and match conductor propagation to that of surrounding dielectric materials.

Litz Conductors

Cardas Audio uses Litz conductors in its cable designs.

Litz conductors consist of multiple wire strands, individually insulated and twisted or woven together.

There are various benefits to Litz conductors, including the reduction of skin effect. In addition, the enamel coating on each strand prevents oxidation of the copper

Double Shielding

All Cardas interconnects have at least a single shield. Some of our higher end cables have multiple shields.

The shield prevents the cable from absorbing and radiating RFI/EMI, which can cause noise and distortion.

There are various types of shields. They include braided wire, spiral wire, foil, and PFA graphite composite.

Length:  1.5m