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Caig Labs DeoxIT Metal Audio Connector Cleaning Wipes (D1W)


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Powerful, disposable metal audio connector cleaning wipes. Pack of five. 

Caig Labs DeoxIT multi-purpose audio connector cleaning wipes will clean and lubricate all metal connectors, getting rid of the damage that can reduce sound quality. These handy, disposable wipes have been designed to reseal microscopic gaps in surfaces, enhancing electrical flow. Use regularly to make your connectors last longer and work better. 

Key features: 

  • Improves conductivity, reducing gaps in connection
  • Reduces arcing, RFI and general wear
  • Protect your connectors and help them last longer 
  • Also safe to use on plastics
  • Usable temperature range:  -34 to +200 C

Dimensions:  76mm x 89mm