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Caig Labs DeoxIT Metal Audio Connector Cleaning Liquid (D100L-16BX)


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Rejuvenating and protecting metal-to-metal liquid audio connector cleaner, with brush applicator.

This liquid audio connector cleaner will deep clean and lubricate metal-to-metal audio connectors and contacts, making them work better and last longer. Caig Labs DeoxlT metal-to-metal cleaner dissolves dirt and repairs damage to metal surfaces, along with filling in microscopic gaps, for better contact. Works on heavily used connectors and those with visible signs of oxidation. 

Key features:

  • Comes with a handy brush applicator, for targeted use
  • Offers great protection with unrivalled cleaning power 
  • Improves conductivity and reduces gaps in connection
  • Reduces arcing and RFI
  • Combats general wear and abrasion

Volume:  1.6ml.