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Caig Labs DeoxIT Metal Audio Connector Cleaning and Conditioning Liquid (D100L-2C, G100L-2C)


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Two-step cleaning and protecting system for audio connectors. 

This unique cleaning and protecting product for audio connectors will deep clean metal surfaces along with filling the microscopic gaps that cause disruption to electrical flow. This product is a two-step system that improves sound quality and makes your connectors last longer. 

Step 1: Apply DeoxIT to deep clean your contacts.

Step 2: Apply DeoxIT Gold to protect your newly restored connectors. 

Key features: 

  • Also safe to use on plastics
  • Combines great protection with unrivalled cleaning power
  • Improves conductivity and reduces breaks in connection
  • Reduces arcing and RFI
  • Combats general wear and abrasion

Volume:  2ml per tube.