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Caig Labs DeoxIT Gold Metal Audio Connector Conditioning Wipes (G1W)


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Disposable, plated metal audio connector cleaning wipes. Pack of five. 

Caig Labs DeoxIT gold G-Series multi-purpose wipes will deep clean, condition and protect your plated metal connectors. Designed to improve conductivity and keep signal quality high, this handy five pack of disposable wipes have a unique gold coating that reduces general wear, arcing and RFI. Use regularly to make your connectors last longer and work better. 

Key features:

  • Reduces dendrite and fretting corrosion
  • Stabilises connections between different types of metal 
  • Effective on both stationary and moving connectors
  • Also safe to use on plastics
  • Usable temperature range:  -45 to +240 C 

Dimensions:  76mm x 89mm

Additional information:  For oxidised surfaces, pre-treat with DeoxIT D-Series contact cleaner.