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Caig Labs DeoxIT Gold Metal Audio Connector Conditioning Mini Spray (GN5MS-15)


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Superior gold metal audio connector cleaner, lubricant and protector in mini-spray bottle.

DeoxIT gold G5 mini spray provides long-lasting protection for gold, base metals and other precious metal audio connectors (including silver, rhodium, copper, bronze and nickel.) Use on plated connectors, contacts and other metal surfaces to dissolve oxidation and protect against future damage. This product is sold as a mini-spray, for easy, targeted application. 

Key features:

  • Also safe to use on plastics
  • Handy mini-spray for targeted application 
  • Helps keep signal quality high
  • Prevents dendrite and fretting corrosion 
  • Reduces arcing, RFI and breaks in connection
  • Reduces general wear and abrasion
  • Usable temperature range:  -34 C to +240 C
  • Contains 150+ applications

Volume:  14g.

Additional information:  Due to customs restrictions, we can’t ship this product outside the UK.