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Caig Labs DeoxIT Gold Metal Audio Connector Conditioning Liquid (G100L-16BX)


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Specialist cleaner, lubricant and protector for gold metal audio conductors, with brush applicator. 

This unique product cleans, conditions and lubricates your gold and gold-plated metal audio connectors, helping them perform better and last longer. Sold with a handy applicator brush for targeted application, this high-performance liquid molecularly bonds to both base-metals and plated surfaces, sealing out oxygen and preventing corrosion. Also stabilises connections between different metals. 

Key features:

  • Sold with brush applicator for easy, targeted usage
  • Prevents dendrite and fretting corrosion
  • Reduces breaks in connection, arcing, and RFI 
  • Ideal for both stationary and moving connections
  • Usable temperature range:  -45 to +240 C

Volume:  1.6ml. 

Additional information:  On oxidised surfaces, pre-treat with DeoxIT D-series contact cleaner.