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Audiomods Series 5 Tonearm


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Audiomods series five tonearm in polished or frosted finish.

The Audiomods Series 5 tonearm has been designed around Rega’s new generation 202/303 arm tube casting. The redesigned arm yoke features two bearing caps that are machined as a single unit, linked by a thin solid bridge that encloses the arm tube in a complete box section. The new bearing carrier and shaft set into the arm yoke increases rigidity resulting in greater bass definition, improved imaging and better retrieval of fine detail.

Available in polished or matt ‘frosted’ finish, with a stainless-steel counterweight. 

Key features:

  • Redesigned for better performance. 
  • Greater bass definition.
  • Improved imaging.
  • Better retrieval of fine detail.
  • Sold with tool set for increased accuracy.

Additional information:  The performance of any arm depends upon its accuracy. That’s why we include tools for precise cartridge matching and adjustment with the product, including a new variable-mass counterweight and set of head shell shims.