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AnalogueWorks Turntable Zero

£1,000.00 £695.00


The TT Zero is based around a solid birch ply plinth which houses the leaded bronze bearing and free standing motor pod. A high mass platter and low torque motor keep the platter rotating without any cogging – you start and stop the platter by hand – simple and effective.

The deck is also easily upgradeable with the WM One (Wave Mechanic) Power Supply.

Product Features

At the heart of all AnalogueWorks turntables is the over engineered single point bearing. This simple design ensures the smooth and silent running of the platter so that all you hear is the music. The high mass belt-driven platters maintain speed stability, while the solid birch ply plinths provide freedom from vibration and acoustic feedback. All materials and shapes have been chosen to balance or prevent resonance, creating a turntable with an ability to provide a faithful reproduction of your vinyl collection.

The Plinth

The most important raw material for birch plywood is a renewable natural resource – wood. Trees grow slowly in Finland’s climate and thus the wood it produces is close-grained and of consistently high quality. Birch plywood has excellent mechanical, biological, and acoustical properties making it an ideal choice for our plinths. All stages of the manufacture of the plywood are controlled for veneer thickness, glue spread, dimensional accuracy, overall thickness, bonding strength, and appearance. The manufacturer is also certified to ISO 9000 and 14001 standards.


Designed to provide the AnalogueWorks turntables with additional isolation from vibration, the feet use weight dependant dampening material to minimise interference for improved audio performance.


At the heart of any turntable is its main bearing. The AnalogueWorks bearing assembly is vastly over engineered and is manufactured to the highest precision. As a result the motor can rotate the platter assembly smoothly and silently without any unwanted bearing noise being presented to the cartridge. The manufacturer is certified to ISO 9001 standards.

Power Supply

The Black Eye power supply allows the motor to work efficiently thereby reducing unwanted noise.

Tonearm Not Included


  • Drive:  Belt drive
  • Speeds:  33.33 and 45.11 rpm
  • Platter Mass:  6082 T6 Aluminium, 4.9kg
  • Bearing:  Leaded bronze sleeve with hardened and polished roller. Stainless steel shaft with precision ground point
  • Plinth:  Finnish birch ply with oak veneer, 2.5kg
  • Feet: Acetal with polymer insert
  • Motor: Premotec motor in a stand alone pod fed via Revolter power supply
  • Dimensions:  468mm x 369mm x 108mm
  • Net weight:  11.0kg
  • Shipping weight:  13.0kg
  • Packaging:  565mm x 470mm x 345mm
  • Tonearm capability:  9″ to 10″


“AnalogueWorks has been clever in putting the Zero+ together and has avoided particularly radical design aspects and exotic components. Instead it has focused on using the best materials it can get its hands on and sound engineering practice to deliver a turntable that is handsome, beautifully made and exceptionally capable across a very wide variety of music. We loved the Turntable One, but in this second generation of turntable models it has a genuine star, and the Zero+ should be on your shortlist if you’re seeking a deck at this price.” Hi-Fi Choice, February 2016 – Ed Selley

“Analogue Works has focused on using the best materials and sound engineering practise to deliver a turntable that is beautifully made and exceptionally capable across a very wide variety of music.” Hi-Fi Choice, Yearbook 2016 – Ed Selley 

“As a basic turntable without tonearm, the AnalogueWorks Zero is a simple bit of elegant engineering that reproduced every record in a fundamentally truthful, exceptionally quiet, grainless, and highly involving way. It was a joy to use, and made late nights in the bunker extra magical. For under $2000, I can’t imagine a better basic turntable. Highly recommended.” Stereophile, July 2017 – Herb Reichert

“From the start the TT Zero is pristine without being bright, has fine tonal discrimination and starts and stops when and where it should. The expansive stereo, solid grasp of rhythm and pure presence of vocals combine to provide a performance that sounds open and airy with plenty of sparkle and bite. Meanwhile, a low noise floor, lucid rhythmic gait and clean, controlled, tuneful bass join forces with super-crisp drumming, resulting in a deeply impressive showing.” Hi-Fi Choice, December 2019 – David Vivian