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Ammonite Audio mounting collar for Jelco tonearms


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New and improved Ammonite Audio custom made mounting collar for Jelco tonearms. 

The Ammonite Audio custom-made mounting collar for Jelco tonearms has been redesigned for better performance and ease of use. Improvements include a mechanism that prevents the arm pillar from leaning to one side, rounded shoulders and a stainless steel, nylon tipped grub screw that grips the arm pillar better than a flat steel screw, without leaving any marks. 

The Ammonite Audio mounting collar is fully compatible with any arm board. Set up is easier than ever – and music sounds even better than before! 

Key features: 

  • Redesigned for better performance
  • Easy to use
  • Fully compatible with any arm board


Diameter:  56mm.
Height above arm board:  12mm
Bolt holes:  3 X M4 arranged at 48mm diameter.
Central bore:  18mm.
Arm board hole:  30mm
Weight:  83g 

Additional information:  The collar is fully compatible with all Jelco manufactured derivatives with 18mm diameter pillars (including Audioquest, LAD, Ortofon, Roksan.) Some Sumiko variants have a smaller 16mm pillar, so are not compatible.