KLE Innovations (KLEI)

KLE Innovations (KLEI)

KL (Keith Louis Eichmann), prior to 1998, had an obsession with electrons and an obsession for sonic purity, musicality, and a passion for high-performance audio; the result was the Eichmann Bullet plug. KL continued to focus his attention at the atomic level with a commitment to not only preserving but enhancing electron flow. The sonic results from the application of his theories were groundbreaking. The revolutionary ideas represented a paradigm shift in cable and connector design, forever raising the benchmarks for sonic performance.

KLEI™Harmony Phono/RCA Plug Architecture

The conductive pins of the KLEI™Harmony Phono/RCA Plug are formed using a pair of PROPRIETARY high conductivity alloys, KLEI believe having an IACS rating >101%, and even >106%, to ensure the highest levels of conductivity.

When compared to a typical gold plated brass connector used in the vast majority of deluxe Phono/RCA plugs, the KLEI™Harmony Phono/RCA plug range, utilizing thier proprietary high conductivity alloys, achieves improvements in conductivity exceeding 320%. Proven metallurgical choices result in improved signal transfer and electron flow, which is consistent with high resolution interconnect/digital cables.

KLEI's proprietary high conductivity alloys vs 'Pure annealed Copper/Silver'

  • Electrically, the proprietary high conductivity alloys utilised in the KLEI™Harmony Phono/RCA plugs are equivalent, and even superior, to ‘Pure annealed Copper/Silver’.
  • Pure annealed Copper/Silver (>=99.9999% purity) >=100% and >=105% IACS conductivity, respectively.
  • KLEI's evaluation is that their KLEI™Harmony Phono/RCA plugs proprietary high conductivity alloys are equivalent, and even superior, to ‘Pure annealed Copper/Silver’…
  • As such, KLEI believe that their proprietary high conductivity alloys can be called PURE and equivalent to 99.9999% pure annealed Copper/Silver.
  • KLEI refer to the proprietary high conductivity alloys, that are IACS >101%, as KLEI PureCopper™ or KLEI™PureCopper, and their alloys, which are IACS >106%, as KLEI PureSilver™ or KLEI™PureSilver.
  • Mechanically, the KLEI™Harmony Phono/RCA plugs proprietary high conductivity alloys are much stronger than ‘Pure annealed Copper/Silver’ and nearly as strong as the Brass alternatives.
  • Sonically, KLEI believe that the KLEI™Harmony Phono/RCA plugs proprietary high conductivity alloys are therefore superior to ‘Pure annealed Copper/Silver’, especially when designed in accordance with KL’s (proprietary) Signal/Ground formulae, but ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’, or in this case ‘in your listening’.
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