AnalogueWorks Turntable One

by AnalogueWorks


The TT One was our first turntable and has evolved in the last few years. The latest variant can be differentiated by the thicker birch ply plinth and four feet. It now features an over engineered leaded bronze bearing which is even quieter than the original effectively lowering the noise floor further.

Tonearm Not Included

AnalogueWorks Turntable One

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The TT One was our first turntable and has has evolved in recent years. The latest variant can be differentiated by the thicker birch ply plinth and four feet. Now featuring an over engineered leaded bronze bearing which is even quieter than the original effectively lowering the noise floor further. The free standing motor pod is constructed from leaded steel and acetal giving higher mass and further damping.

The deck is also easily upgradeable with the WM One (Wave Mechanic) Power Supply.

Product Features

At the heart of all AnalogueWorks turntables is the over engineered single point bearing. This simple design ensures the smooth and silent running of the platter so that all you hear is the music. The high mass belt-driven platters maintain speed stability, while the solid birch ply plinths provide freedom from vibration and acoustic feedback. All materials and shapes have been chosen to balance or prevent resonance, creating a turntable with an ability to provide a faithful reproduction of your vinyl collection.

The Plinth

The most important raw material for birch plywood is a renewable natural resource - wood. Trees grow slowly in Finland's climate and thus the wood it produces is close-grained and of consistently high quality. Birch plywood has excellent mechanical, biological, and acoustical properties making it an ideal choice for our plinths. All stages of the manufacture of the plywood are controlled for veneer thickness, glue spread, dimensional accuracy, overall thickness, bonding strength, and appearance. The manufacturer is also certified to ISO 9000 and 14001 standards.


Designed to provide the AnalogueWorks turntables with additional isolation from vibration, the feet use weight dependant dampening material to minimise interference for improved audio performance.


At the heart of any turntable is its main bearing. The AnalogueWorks bearing assembly is vastly over engineered and is manufactured to the highest precision. As a result the motor can rotate the platter assembly smoothly and silently without any unwanted bearing noise being presented to the cartridge. The manufacturer is certified to ISO 9001 standards.

Power Supply

The Revolter power supply allows the motor to work efficiently thereby reducing unwanted noise.

Tonearm Not Included


"The AnalogueWorks Turntable One is a deft two-fi ngered salute to the idea that the UK is losing its touch at manufacturing. This neat design is evolved from the ideas of the late Tom Fletcher, the man behind many of the Nottingham Analogue range. Tim has taken these ideas to produce a turntable from components that aren't just British, but come from the local area.

The performance is pitch perfect with a propulsive energy that gives everything it plays an emotional engagement." Hi-Fi Choice, February 2014 - Ed Selley

For the full review, click the following link.

That's the thing about the Turntable One, especially with The Wand in place. It's fun, unpretentious, fun, precise, fun, and fun. Like the Spacedeck and the Interspace, it doesn't gloss over bad recordings and badly abused recordings, but it recalls your vinyl in a manner that will keep you listening long into the past, and not many turntables at the price can do that so effortlessly. Highly recommended." Hi-Fi Plus, June 2014 - Alan Sircom

For the full review, click the following link.

Der AnalogueWorks Turntable One ermöglichy den direktesten Wiedereintritt in das analoge Musikzeitalter, vermittelt durch seine bodenständige un agile Spielweise viel Freude an der Musik und kostet dabei nicht die Welt." Hi-Fi Stars, September 2014 - Ansgar Hatscher

For the full review, click the following link.

"You really don't need to spend all that much time with this turntable to realise that Analogue Works has carefully considered every aspect of its design, engineering it for maximum performance while ensuring that it remains eminently user friendly. It's a perfect sonic match for the Jelco arm, which combines for an expansive and full-bodied sound that's begging for the best cartridge you can afford for long-term enjoyment.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing and hearing a lot more about this machine as word spreads. If you're in the market for a turntable upgrade, the Analogue Works deserves a place right near the top of your shortlist." Hi-Fi Choice, September 2014 - Andrew Simpson

For the full review, click the following link.

Drive Belt Drive
Speeds 33.33 and 45.11 RPM
Platter Mass 6082 T6 Aluminium, 6.7kg
Bearing Leaded bronze sleeve with hardened and polished roller. CF53 carbon steel shaft with precision ground point.
Plinth Finnish Birch Ply, 4.0kg
Feet Acetal with polymer insert
Motor Premotec motor in a stand alone pod fed via Revolter power supply.
Dimensions 468mm x 369mm x 130mm (Without Arm)
Net Weight 16.6kg
Shipping Weight 18.6kg
Packaging 570mm x 480mm x 470mm
Arms 9" to 10"

Reviewed by Amr

Posted on 01/05/2016

Real high end sound and excellent customer support.

Simple, Elegant and solid design, very well built, real high end sound, with my London Decca super gold cartridge the Analogueworks turntable one is an anchor in my system.
I received my table perfectly set with the arm and cartridge, superior and friendly customer support.

Reviewed by Pip

Posted on 02/03/2016

Great turntable.

Bought in Dec 2014 with Nottingham ace space arm and Decca gold cartridge.fantastic turntable.just sounds great.smooth as silk and never had a it for £800 before price went up.bargain of the century.arm and cartridge set up for me perfectly by guys at divine audio.Great service.hours of happy listening.good stuff!

Reviewed by Gareth

Posted on 15/08/2014

Game changer

Right, lets just put this in context. I've never previously owned a turntable of this quality. In fact, until a few months ago, I'd not spent more than £40 to replace the cartridge on my previous turntable. So you must understand that I am not an aficionado with extensive experience of a multitude of feet/plinth/platter/arm/cartridge/phono-stage combinations. I'm just a music lover with a few hundred LPs that mostly (probably) need a good clean. I was lucky enough to find myself in the position to upgrade my deck, and after some consideration and a fair few emails, I ordered the TT1.

The first record I put on is a particular vinyl favourite of mine. It's a near-mint copy of Solid Air by John Martyn. The first time I heard this recording was about 10 years ago on cassette. I was instantly hooked and sought out a vinyl copy. I made sure that before I decommissioned the previous deck that would listen carefully to this album to have a fairly recent comparison.

The step up in sound quality from my previous set-up was immediate and considerable. To start sounding like a born-again audiophile, the differences I noticed straightaway were:

Soundstage: it just got a lot wider and deeper

Bass: more solid with better definition

Mid-range: on busier sections, the improved separation of instruments was noticeable

High: detail! So much more detail.

Overall, it is a smoother and richer listening experience. I listened to the LP again. I felt more "in the music", if that makes any sense. Over the next few weeks, record after record, I have found myself wondering if someone had crept into my house and somehow quietly upgraded all my vinyl. It's that good.

Reviewed by DB (Ire)

Posted on 07/04/2014

Affordable Hi Fi was never this good.....

Before I start this 'review' I want to make it crystal clear that I have absolutely no affiliations whatsoever with Divine Audio. I'm just an ordinary punter who feels that this turntable deserves all the accolades it can garner.....Oh and they are right. Tim is a gent :)

About three weeks ago I decided to renew my acquaintance with Tim from Divine Audio. I knew Tim was a huge fan of the Nottingham Analogue/Fletcher Audio turntables having both sold and owned them. I gave him all my details plus four options I was thinking of pursuing and waited his response. He answered promptly with his suggestions and he then, ever so subtly, gave me the Analogue Works Turntable One link. Very dangerous grounds!

When I read it I understood immediately his raison d'être  and, more importantly, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for! A turntable for all seasons that was based on the late Tom Fletcher's designs for both the Notts Analogue and Fletcher Audio top of the range decks. a drastically reduced price :) All hand crafted/engineered in England too. I was hooked :) 

What followed in the coming days was probing questions about anything and everything I could think of. Is it 'better' than my Space Deck? 'Yes'
'How would describe it's sound?' 'More musical' etc etc 

It was a no brainer really. What had I to lose? So I promptly filled the online form ticking all the boxes on the version I wanted (black laminated birch ply finish with foam mat and OL Alliance arm), sent off the money and waited. That was on a Fri. On the Tues. Tim sent me a pic of my tt on the test bench which he ran in for a week. Finally my tt was delivered by DPD the following Tues and my life has never been the same since :) 

What does it sound like? Like music :) Cliché I know but it's the only answer I can give. When Tim gave me the same answer I wanted to know more. Now having heard the deck I now know exactly what he means. It's so emotionally involving it's extremely difficult to tear oneself away from it. Everything sounds so natural, self effacing and with a fabulously spacious platform to relive your dreams time and time again. All the hifi attributes are all there in spades but you soon forget all that nonsense. This deck plays music as it should be played. You can literally throw anything at it. Name any genre and it will do it full justice time and time again..... 

To quote excerpts Alan Sircom from a review he did for the ubiquitous Space Deck back in '96 which applies equally, and then some, to this Analogue Works Turntable One gem:

'Most impressive of all is the sheer lack of artifice in the sound of this design - it plays Lps so honestly, it's enough to sign your name in blow-torch on your cd collection. 
It sounds like Miles Davis on a rainy Saturday night in Chicago;it sounds like Ralph Vaughan Williams on a Summer's day in Hampshire. 

How does it sound? It sounds just like music. If you are dead serious about this turntable stuff then this deck is your first real port of call; otherwise it's out with the Fisher-Price activity Center. 

This deck is built on the same engineering principles that informed Isambard Kingdom Brunel's bridges, and it has a similarly uncompromising sound.'

I couldn't have put it better myself!

Don't forget you also get a Martin Bastin designed and made power supply included in the £799.00 price! The optional OL arm is a synergistic dream of a partner and at a ridiculously affordable price too! To Tim and his team we salute you. GIMP indeed :)

In case anyone thinks I'm just a newbie discovering hi fi for the first time;  I've been into music since '69 and proper hi fi since 1980. So I feel I'm more than qualified to make a reasonably astute judgement. 

Let me tell you most emphatically that this type of hi fi bargain only comes round once in a very blue moon. Get it now before the hi fi world at large finds out about it and the waiting lists get longer and longer. Don't say you weren't warned!

Reviewed by Marc C

Posted on 04/04/2014

A Natural Selection.

I've had the privilege of owning an Analogue Works Turntable One from its inception and it can only be described as being amongst the best turntables for extracting music from vinyl as I've ever heard, at any price!

It's real strength is that it's so benign, it sounds fantastic with the cheapest of arms and cartridges through to mind blowing when used with a SME arm and London Decca Gold cartridge. Music you think you know will be new again with this combination, it really is that good.

The turntable achieves this ability from true British craftsmanship and an attention to detail which is second to none. Right from opening the box, and fantastic setup instructions, to the high mass platter and isolated motor pod you know that a lot of effort, thought and expertise has gone in to its creation.

There isn't any engineering innovation going on here, but if something isn't broken then the best you can do is improve on it, which is exactly what we have in this turntable. Darwin would be pleased.

The evolution starts with a bullet proof precision bearing, mounted to an imposingly heavy aluminum platter, dampened with a vibration mat bonded to the underside. These components are married to an elegantly styled plinth (I have the black veneer birch ply variation) which certainly draws more attention to itself than it's understated description would suggest - yes friends are equally drawn to its looks as in the way it plays vinyl. The drive is from a totally isolated low torque motor pod which fits through a perfectly engineered hole in the plinth. The pod in turn drives a belt around the platter. Power is supplied by an external source which again is a great touch as you can easily upgrade the supply to the 60hz variation if you feel the need to.

In all, I think myself as being lucky to own this, and when anything in life elicits that kind of response then there can be no higher form of praise.

Reviewed by Andrew B

Posted on 07/03/2014

Vinyl's biggest ever bargain

I hate reading miles of blurb just to get the bottom line so here it is: This is a beautifully built high end turntable for about a third of what you'd normally pay retail for anything remotely comparable. That may even be an understatement.

I've been through all of the main contender decks, with the exception of the Voyd. This one tops them all. Clear, authoritative and spacious, it's never failed to make great music and it's worked perfectly from the first spin of the platter. Build, finish and reliability have put the established manufacturers I've bought from to shame. Oh, and it's a doddle to set up.

Tim is an absolute gent to deal with and I've made further significant improvements by adding Alto Extremo feet on his recommendation. Everyone who's seen and heard this deck has been shocked by its beauty,build and sonics. Then I tell them the price and watch their jaws drop!

When it comes to msaking fabulous music, this is the best way I've found to prove to anyone that Analogue really does Work!

Reviewed by Agog

Posted on 18/02/2014

This is a fine turntable

Purchased one of the first batch.

It's essentially of the Tom Fletcher Nottingham Analogue type with a low torque motor driving a high mass platter which you push to start. Set up is pretty straightforward as long as your competent enough to fit and align a tonearm and cartridge.

Fit and finish are first class as is the sound quality. The aluminium platter and plywood plinth certainly makes a refreshing change from acrylic and black or glossy colours.

Reviewed by Dean Jordan

Posted on 04/02/2014

History in the making.

In HiFi you have products that go down in history as classics i truely think this Turntable will be in that group when we look back in 5 to 10 years. I first heard about this turntable when talking to Tim at Divine Audio. I was saying i wasn't happy with my current TT and was asking about Cart upgrades. I Decided i wanted to upgrade what i had and when talking to Tim was told they were about to launch there own deck from Analogue Work so i waited. I got to have a listen to one of the first units to be finished. i was taken back by how good it was. It was a major step forward from the rega P3-24 i was using at the time. It dragged everything out of my records. things that sounded lost in the back groung got moved to being in the same room as the rest. on first listen it was with the origin live alliance tonearm and a ortofon 2m red. it was like i was hearing things for the first time. I think its easy for people to under esitmate a new product from a new brand but Analogue Works took the best ideas from what they knew and turned it into a turn table thats worth more than it costs. no middle man and selling direct means your getting a silly good bargin. they stand by there product and say its as good as a Nottingham anologue or a fletcher audio deck decide for yourself they deal with them both. It will easly do justic to any cart you put on it. i tested the 2m black the nagaoka MP500 and a london decca gold which is what i decided on in the end. one last thing if you like to tweek buy the Alto Extremo feet as an upgrade. they are amazing with this Deck.
check out HiFi Choice no.381 feb 2014 dealer system if you want an idea of how good this TT is.

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